Keywest Estate Agents / Oct 31

What Should You Ask Before Moving into Your New Home?

So you’ve let the experts at Keywest help you find the Leicester home of your dreams, but What Should You Ask Before Moving into Your New Home?

A new survey from First Direct has revealed the top ten questions that first-time buyers wished they had asked.

At number one in the survey involving 2,000 UK homebuyers was asking about how long it had been since the property’s boiler was serviced. The survey also found that 30 per cent, almost one in three buyers, purchased their last property after a single viewing, and over one in five, or 22 per cent, uncovered botched DIY jobs in the property after they moved in.

One in four of the survey’s respondents said that they regretted not having checked out their boiler’s service history and condition. This is largely because problems can be expensive to put right and asking the question can save a lot of money.

At number two was asking to check for damp and cracks, both inside and outside, while number three was asking about the electrical systems. More than one in three people (36 per cent) told First Direct that they had wished they had checked the systems or got a professional to do the job for them. Just 40 per cent inspected switches and sockets, let alone looking at circuit breakers and wiring.

Four in ten homeowners, meanwhile, said that they wished they had visited their property at various times in the day, and almost one third of respondents said that they should have asked about broadband speed, given that not all urban areas are guaranteed to have reliable and fast internet access, and there can be black spots in rural areas.

Other questions which earned a place in the survey results included:

Do I feel rushed into making an offer? Almost half of the homebuyers asked said that it was important to consider the pros and cons and do your homework rather than rushing into an offer.

Can I look at the central heating? Even in summer, you should check that the heating is working. Yet 49 per cent of the homeowners asked by First Direct said they failed to do this the last time they purchased a property.

What’s the condition of the roof? You want to know that there are no serious issues to be dealt with, but 51 per cent of people didn’t check this before buying.

How much will any repairs cost? Make sure you are aware of any potential repair requirements and get quotes. Two-thirds of people said that they had experienced financial surprises after moving into a new home, but this is very easy to avoid.

Who else has viewed my property? We can undoubtedly help you to find your ideal home, but it is also a good idea to take along an independent person to one of your viewings to give you another opinion and make sure you get all the information you need to know.

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