Keywest Estate Agents / Aug 10

Prepare to Party! How Leicester City Carnival 2017 Could Pull in Future Residents

Quizzed on the top things they look for when choosing a city to live in, many people place ‘things to do with family and friends’ and ‘a cosmopolitan, multicultural atmosphere’ high on the list.

On August 5th both boxes were ticked with the weekend’s Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2017, a phenomenal day-long party which has been celebrating the very best of Caribbean culture since 1985.

From the visual spectacle of vivid costumes to the heady aromas of jerk chicken stalls, the carnival is always a feast for the senses. Last year saw 30,000 people descend on Victoria Park to enjoy the riot of colour, taste and sound, with figures this year estimated to have hit record highs as people come from ever further afield to join the party. More visitors can only mean one thing: more people appreciating just how much Leicester has to offer and considering a move to this most vibrant and beautiful of cities.

Turning Up the Volume

The massive parade kicked off as always in Victoria Park before processing through the city centre and bringing with it flocks of visitors to celebrate. Food stalls served up Caribbean favourites such as goat curry and peas n’ rice, while the crowds were entertained by street artists, musicians and dance troupes as well as the eighteen floats which took to the streets.

Transforming the city centre with its richness of colour and sound, the Leicester City Carnival always shows the city at its best. At Keywest we’ve always known just how much fun residents here can have when the community comes together for events such as this, but the Carnival helps to showcase the city to a much wider audience.

Coming from Far Afield

People travelled from across the region to take part in this annual event, meaning more people than ever seeing what a great place Leicester is to set up home in. In recent months Leicester has defied the national trend, with house prices continuing at a healthy sustainable rate of growth and plenty of high-quality rental properties constantly coming on to the market.

As a city it holds a rare position in offering the best of both worlds, with both decent affordable homes to live in and jobs available despite the economic downturn. As the City Carnival has already proved, there’s plenty going on for families and those enjoying an active social life, with other major public events taking place throughout the rest of the year.

To take advantage of the added publicity such events bring to the city, Leicester landlords and those thinking about selling their homes would be wise to register their properties now and maximise their visibility to potential summer visitors.

If you’re thinking of buying, selling or letting a home in Leicester, Keywest are the go-to team. With our expert local knowledge, we can help shine a spotlight on your property or find you the dream home you desire in this fantastic city. Why not call us at our offices on Hinckley Road (01162 544 555) or Queens Road (01162 544 543)?


Photo by @daliscar1 (CC by 2.0)