Keywest Estate Agents / May 09

Is Spring the Best Time of Year to Market Your Leicester Property?

With the property market still going from strength to strength, there’s never a ‘bad’ time of year to put your house up for sale or to let. Spring does, however, have certain advantages, so if you’re thinking about selling or letting your property, this might just be the perfect time of year to get it market-ready.

Everything Looks Better in the Sunshine

There’s no denying it – everything looks better when the sun comes out. Photographs taken in winter can often look dull and gloomy, and that can have a huge impact on how people see your home. Once you’ve lured them in with some brighter pictures, the same thing goes for those all-important viewings – people are more likely to form a favourable impression of your property if they see it on a glorious spring day than they might on a cold and miserable winter one.

Fair-Weather Househunters

Whether you’re selling your family home or have a rental portfolio, more people begin to look at houses around this time of year. Families with young children want to make sure they can move in the summertime and be settled in their new home (and new catchment area) well ahead of the autumn term, while nobody wants to leave it so late in the year that they’re moving in the rainy autumn months or too close to Christmas.

The Spring Bounce

Spring is a time of new beginnings, making it the perfect season for those looking to make a fresh start. Leicester is a dynamic and growing city which attracts people looking for better employment prospects and a pleasant, family-friendly atmosphere. As people tend to change jobs around the spring ahead of the quieter summer months, there will be plenty more people looking to buy or rent nearby. By putting your property on the market now, you’re more likely to catch those newcomers.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now’s the perfect time to get spring-cleaning and have your property market-ready ahead of the summer rush. Properties shown in the spring and early summer tend to get snapped up far quicker than those marketed in the autumn and winter, so take advantage of the better weather and get your home ready to sell or let.

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