Keywest Estate Agents / Oct 10

Buying and Renting Leicester Property Is Always a Safe Bet

Leicester has been named as one of the safest places to live in Britain in a major UK survey.

Safety and security are likely to be a key priority for you when you ask us to help you find your next property in Leicester, whether that is because you have the welfare of your family in mind or you need to protect your financial investment, and you’ll be pleased to know that officially Leicester is a safe bet when it comes to buying a home.

Better still, Leicester is not just a safe place in terms of crime and public behaviour but is also a great location thanks to factors such as ground movement statistics and the healthcare on offer in the area.

The survey for Compare the Market ranked Leicester as Britain’s 13th safest place to live, and the city performed well in most of the categories such as property prices and crime.

The study aimed to offer home buyers an insight into the safety appeal of different areas and highlighted the security offered by a Leicester property purchase.

In some categories of the study, Leicester performed even better than its 13th place ranking would suggest. When it comes to ambulance response times, for example, Leicester’s average 4.40-minute wait gave it a superior position to Belfast, which actually came out as the second safest place in the UK to live. Leicester can also boast one of the country’s lowest numbers of robberies.

The study states that the crime rate for Leicester sits at 183 per 1,000 of the population, and this figure helps to position the city well above the likes of Liverpool, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, York, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Peterborough came in last in the study of 30 British locations, with Birmingham taking the top stop. Also in the top ten were Derby, Manchester, Plymouth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Edinburgh, Sunderland, Bristol and Leeds.

Next in line came Stoke-on-Trent, followed by Sheffield, Leicester, Brighton and Hove, Coventry, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Wakefield, Nottingham Aberdeen, London, Swansea, York, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Kingston Upon Hull, Southampton, Cardiff and Peterborough.

If this study has inspired your confidence and feelings of security in relation to your next Leicester property move, then let Keywest help you in your search. We are a safe bet if you want an assurance of expert local knowledge and the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction available in the Leicester area.

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