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Common Home Selling Mistakes That Can Reduce the Value of Your Property

Selling your property in Leicester is a huge undertaking, so obviously, you want to make the right choices to accomplish the highest sale price for your home and avoid common home selling mistakes. Many of the choices bordering resale value are more involved than the basic prep work you do when releasing your home on the property market. And of course, decisions like this could be made years prior to you really considering selling your home.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your home in Leicester anytime in the near future, it’s time to begin thinking about your property as if you were the prospective buyers. As property specialists, here at Keywest Estate Agents we are aware of all the common mistakes you can make that will lower the value of your property. But we also know exactly how to remedy them.

5 Home Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid When Selling Your Property

  • Setting the Price Unrealistically High
  • Not deep cleaning your hose before a viewing
  • Not maintaining the property properly
  • Not updating decor
  • Don’t let your property tastes make the decisions

Setting the House Price Unrealistically High

Every homeowner wants to think their house is worth even more than their neighbours’ property, particularly after finishing a refurb or renovation of some kind. The truth is that your residence is actually only worth what somebody else is happy to pay for it. It’s all about being sensible regarding the worth of your home when deciding on the price of the property.

At Keywest, our professional valuers will provide you with a realistic market evaluation to ensure your property brings in interest.

Not Deep Cleaning your House Before a Viewing Takes Place

Nobody wants to view a home that is dirty for two primary factors: one, it’s certainly not appealing for the potential buyer or renter, and two, it invariably means that the brand-new property owner will at some point need to spend time and money as well as effort cleansing it themselves. Significant issues like stained carpets and unclean or mouldy tile grout can leave a poor perception on possible buyers when they view your property. In regard to carpet stains, you might be used to avoiding them daily, but an interested buyer will certainly notice them quickly. If an offer looms, your purchaser may then seek to bargain on the asking price to cover the expense of changing the carpeting or having it professionally cleaned up before moving in.

In regard to ceramic tile grout, ignoring it is detrimental to the sale of your property. It is just one of the most tiresome duties, yes, but leaving dust along your ceramic tiles can develop long-term discolouration, destroying the look of your ceramic tiles permanently. Also, what worse is, if the area is damp or even humid, mould and mildew can build up and also can become a major issue.

When it concerns cleaning, being proactive is the best approach. Ensure you are cleaning your home on regular basis. You’ll want to make sure you have taken care of any spillages before they set, this can lead to much more of a challenge to get rid of later.

Not Maintaining your Property

Looking after the essentials around your home is important, especially when it relates to your plumbing and heating requirements. Potential buyers are very likely to be interested in the property’s pipes and plumbing system as well. If your property has a background of high utility bills or major repairs needed in the near future your potential buyer will be less likely to place an offer.

Not Upgrading Decor

Old styles and trends will certainly make your house look out of date which can reduce the worth of your home. This is due to the fact that the possible buyers recognise they will have to spend cash to update the style once they relocate.

Wood panelling is a significant culprit in this case,  even if the panels are restricted to a very small area. Property viewers will certainly be more likely to place offer the property is modern and looking fresh.

Don’t Let Your Personal Taste Make the Decisions

When showing off your home to possible buyers, it’s all about getting them to imagine what their new life in their brand-new home will be like. Having your individual taste right in front of their noses can make this tough for them.

Brightly painted walls in colours that are unusual, having too much wallpaper, or having unique or over the top design elements throughout your home is a major turn off. Before putting your house on the market try and make your home as neutral as possible so it can be appealing to a larger number of people.

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