Keywest Estate Agents / Sep 26

Even the Smallest Leicester Properties Are Beautiful to Buyers

First-time buyers would be willing to sacrifice space in order to take their first step on the Leicester property market, according to a new survey.

This demonstrates the popularity of our great area, which appeals to all sorts of buyers, and the opportunities on offer if you decide to sell your Leicester house, bungalow or apartment with the help of Keywest – whatever its size.

A recent survey by furniture retailer Made discovered that many first-time buyers are so keen to purchase their first home in Leicester that they would be willing to live in a tiny house or apartment if it meant they could really call it their own. The research found that Leicester buyers would buy a property measuring an average of only almost 32 square metres if it meant getting on the house-buying ladder.

Buyers in Leicester were more interested in a smaller property, measuring just 31.9 square metres, than those in many other areas of the country, as the survey of 2,150 would-be first-time buyers found that the average space deemed acceptable was 34.7 square metres. The 31.9 square metre figure is also well below the average property size in Britain, which currently stands at around 90 square metres.

The survey also gave an interesting insight into what some Leicester buyers are willing to live without if it allows them to buy a home in the area. For example, 32 per cent of the people surveyed said they could forgo a kitchen large enough to eat in if it means getting on the property ladder, while 21 per cent of respondents admitted that outside space could go if it meant buying was on the cards. Somewhat surprisingly for some people, natural light was also disposable for 20 per cent of the first-time buyers surveyed. Another 14 per cent of people, meanwhile, said that they could do without a bath, and seven per cent of respondents said they could live without some sort of dining area. A further seven per cent of potential buyers would even give up on the idea of a separate bedroom in order to buy their own home.

The survey also asked would-be first-time buyers what priorities they had when it came to purchasing a property, and it will probably come as no surprise that affordability was top of the list, with 32 per cent of people citing it as a priority. A further 26 per cent put space as a priority, followed by 16 per cent who need neighbourhood security, ten per cent who have to be close enough to public transport, eight per cent who want to be within a reasonable distance to their work, six per cent who want to be close to friends and family and two per cent who would be very concerned about the style and look of the property.

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