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Must-Know Packing Tips When Moving to a New Leicester Home

There is no denying that moving house can be a stressful process, but there is no need to panic if the Keywest team helps you to find the perfect property to move into. Here are our Must-Know Packing Tips When Moving to a New Leicester Home

With our help along every step of your journey, moving house can be as easy as possible, and to start you off here are some of our top tips to help keep the stress out of packing for a move.

Stock Up on Supplies

Making sure that you have the packing supplies that you need well in advance will prevent any last-minute panics and ensure that you can do a little packing here and there, when your life allows. You will need:

  • Boxes in a range of sizes and strengths
  • Packing tape
  • Old newspapers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Marker pens and labels
  • Stretch wrapping if you want to properly protect furniture

If you do not want to spend time sourcing different boxes and materials, you can even find whole moving kits online. Choose the right one for your size of property and you will be well on your way to packing up and making your next move on the Leicester property ladder.

You could also consider using the packaging services of a professional company. This is obviously an additional expense but can be well worth it if stress-reduction is important to you.

Pack Early

If you are doing your packing yourself, start early. If you have a larger house, aim to begin packing at least two months before your move. This should give you plenty of time to pack an average of a box a day and prevent any last-minute panics. One month should be adequate for a smaller property.

Prioritise Rooms and Items

Start by packing up rooms you use the least and items that you do not use every day. Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or garden tools are often a good place to start.

It is also a good idea to pack one single room and then move onto another. This will help you stay organised and make it easy to pack and label boxes that should be kept together when you get to your new Leicester property.


Do not pack or move things that you do not really need. Get listing on the internet, attend a car boot sale, open up your garage for a sale or offload items to your local charity shops. This will make moving easier and prevent you from paying unnecessary moving costs.

Do Not Over-Pack Boxes

It can be tempting to stuff as many things as possible into one box, but this can be a recipe for disaster. Even with good-quality boxes, do not go over 30 pounds in weight if you do not want to risk a break or a back injury for the people who have to move the boxes.

Pack the Gaps

Make sure that items cannot move around in boxes by filling gaps with anything from packing paper or chips to old newspapers or rags.

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