Keywest Estate Agents / Oct 16

Now Is a Good Time to Sell Your Leicester Property

The Keywest team are experts at selling Leicester properties at any time of the year, but there are seasonal differences that it can help to be aware of when it comes to letting us help you to get on the move again.

The good news, if you’re planning an imminent move, is that autumn is a really good time to sell your home. Generally, people are home from their summer holidays, children are back at school and buyers and sellers are looking at new property options in the Leicester area.

Many people who have just come out of education may also have started new jobs by now and may well be thinking about taking their first steps on the property ladder. This means that there may be opportunities aplenty when it comes to selling a property that will appeal to first-time buyers. Traditionally, many people also change jobs at this time of the year, meaning that there will be people wanting to move around within Leicester and those who will be looking to buy their first home in our area.

There is no doubt that the market may slow a little as we get close to Christmas, but there are still opportunities to be found, especially with expert help at hand. There are people around who will want to move fast to complete a sale quickly, offering the chance of a potentially fast move if that is what you need.

There will also be people who will be spurred into property action after spending time with family and friends over Christmas and those who want to make changes in the New Year. The start of a new year is typically a time for fresh starts, and many people will start looking for their new home during this period.

This surge in interest generally continues and grows through to spring, which is often considered to be a peak period when it comes to property purchases. This is because buyers may start their search at the beginning of the year and then be ready to put in offers by the start of spring when they feel they have achieved a real feel for the property market and the individual homes available in their chosen area.

Of course, there are also those people who will be prompted to make an offer on a Leicester property much quicker and feel that there is no need to view many different homes when they have already found exactly what they are looking for. This is much more likely to happen when expert estate agents such as our team at Keywest are involved, as we have a proven track record of matching properties with buyers and ensuring that our vendors can maximise on all of the potential that their property has to offer and achieve the best possible price and fastest possible sale.

For more information about how we can help you sell your Leicester property or how we are ideally positioned to assist you in finding your next home, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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