Keywest Estate Agents / Aug 24

Save Cash When Moving House

Don’t let the cost of moving put you off from letting Keywest help you with your next property adventure. A few simple steps can help you save pounds when it comes to moving.

Make an Offer

Don’t be afraid to make an offer if you find a property you like. The vendor may not accept it, but it can’t hurt to try, especially if a slight reduction will take you under a stamp duty threshold.

Negotiate Solicitor’s Fees

It is estimated that fees for conveyancing when buying or selling property will be around £2,000. This will cover administrative and legal work associated with the transfer of land or property. Your solicitor will also do searches to ensure that there aren’t plans to open a nightclub or build a skyscraper on the land next door.

The work they do is necessary, but you should try to find someone who will offer the best value for money. Take recommendations from friends and family and don’t be afraid to negotiate a deal if you are selling and buying property all at once, for example.

Pack Yourself

Save money by doing some of the removals process yourself. You may want to hire a firm to do the actual moving, but you could pack up yourself rather than paying someone to do it for you. Look on social media for offers of free boxes or head down to your local supermarket. Old newspapers are also really useful for wrapping valuables. Use clothes, towels and bedding to protect fragile items or to offer extra padding in boxes.

Use the Competition Tool

Don’t forget to negotiate the price for your removal. Get quotes from a number of local firms and make them aware that they need to compete for your business.

If you want to save money, it also pays to choose a cheaper day of the week to move. Removal companies will charge extra for moving you at the weekends and on Fridays, for example, and some will even add more on to the bill if you want to move at the end of the month. Just be aware that if you have to take time off work, it may not be cost-effective to move on a weekday.

Another top tip is to make sure that you don’t pay more than you have to for moving by getting rid of anything you don’t need before you change address.

Make Money from Unwanted Items

Decluttering can be cathartic and profitable. Sell your unwanted belongings on eBay or another site or head on down to your local car boot sale. The money you make can go towards your moving costs.

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