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Top Five Spring Maintenance Jobs to Get Your Leicester Home Ready for Summer

With warmer weather approaching, spring is the ideal time to tackle some home maintenance jobs you might have been putting off over the winter. Whether you’re getting your house market-ready or sprucing up your rental properties for new tenants, here are five ‘spring cleaning’ jobs you should be tackling in the next few weeks to Get Your Leicester Home Ready for Summer .

Checking Your Guttering

Gutters often get neglected over the winter, so now’s the time to check they haven’t become clogged with autumn leaves or cracked in the cold snap. Clear debris and fix any damage now, and you could save yourself a small fortune further down the line.

Checking Your Roof Tiles

As with your guttering, getting a professional to fix any loose roof tiles could prevent costly leaks. Remember that just because you can’t see any obvious damage from the ground, it doesn’t mean it’s not there – get an expert round for a proper inspection.

Tidying Up the Garden

If you want your home to look attractive to potential buyers or tenants, then sprucing up the garden is a quick and easy way to draw people in. Make sure there are no overgrown shrubs obstructing the front path, and trim back any overhanging trees before they come into full leaf.

Checking for Damp

Damp is a major issue over the colder months and can lead to serious structural issues if it’s not caught early enough. Go around your property with a damp meter and look out for the tell-tale signs of discoloured patches, clammy walls and musty smells. Catching rising damp before it becomes too much of a problem will save you money in the long run.

Checking Your Chimneys

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood-burner, it may have seen some pretty heavy use over the winter months. It might be a messy job, but having your chimneys seen to by a professional sweep will ensure they’re ready when the autumn rolls round again – it’s one of those jobs you can easily forget about if you leave it too late. If your chimney isn’t used, consider having a balloon fitted to prevent birds nesting and to better insulate your home.

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