Keywest Estate Agents / May 22

Top Things to Look Out for When Viewing a House

Whether you’re viewing a property to buy or rent, it’s easy to overlook certain things on that first viewing, so here are Keywest’s Top Things to Look Out for When Viewing a House.

When you first wander around a property you might just take in the cosmetic things, like the flowery wallpaper which will have to go or the state of the carpets – you might not necessarily think about smaller things which could make or break the deal.

If you’re viewing a house or flat in the next few weeks, here are just some things you should bear in mind when you go round for that first viewing.

Where Is the Boiler?

Find out where the boiler is and make sure there is easy access to it. Engineers don’t like having to dismantle your home when it comes to servicing a boiler, so make sure it’s in an easy-to-reach spot. Also find out what sort of boiler it is and how long ago it was installed.

Is There a Damp Problem?

You should be able to do a sniff-test to find out if a property has damp. Keep an eye out for discoloured patches on the walls and any musty odours, even if the seller or landlord has tried to mask them with a quick blast of the air freshener.

How Much Is Storage Space There?

A home can look great on the surface, but if there’s no storage space then you might find you would struggle to hide away the Hoover and all those boxes of Christmas decorations. Keep an eye out for built-in cupboard space, and always ask if the loft is boarded – eaves storage is a real blessing for hiding away all the clutter you don’t want to look at all the year round.

Where Are the Plug Sockets and Are They in Good Condition?

Rewiring can be an expensive business and poor electrics can be incredibly dangerous. Have a quick look around to see there are plug sockets in sensible places and the condition they’re in. A kitchen with a lack of plug sockets can be extremely frustrating.

What’s the Area Like?

It could be the most immaculate house you have ever seen, but if the ones either side are boarded up, it’s probably not the one for you. Always try to arrive a little early for a viewing and have a wander around the neighbouring streets to see what they’re like. Local convenience stores are always handy, as are playgrounds for the kids and good bus routes running nearby.

It’s easy to be fooled by staging the first time you view a property, but if a house really is the one for you then it will shine through all the showmanship.

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