Keywest Estate Agents / Dec 01

Top Tips When Relocating to Leicester

Relocating to Leicester need not be a stressful process. Not only are we on hand to help with your property search, but we have also compiled this handy guide to offer you some top tips to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Local Knowledge

Tapping into our local knowledge can make your relocation seem far less daunting. Whether you want to know the demographics of a particular area, the educational opportunities on offer or the amenities available, our friendly team are on hand to help. They can even help you to find the nearest postbox if you are thinking about posting out your change of address cards or the closest pharmacist to pick up your family’s medication when you arrive.


Preparing properly for your move can make the process go as smoothly as possible. This should include:

  • Decluttering to ensure that you are not moving more than you have to. If you have items that you have not needed for over a year, then it could well be time to start donating to charity or selling on an internet auction site.
  • Tell your utility companies and anyone else who needs informing that you are on the move. Relocating also offers the ideal opportunity to check that you are getting the best deals on your utilities and switching when necessary.
  • Budget well. Make sure that you get quotes and compare prices on everything from removals to cleaning costs and any storage you may need.
  • Pack early and do not leave jobs until the last minute. This will ensure that you can make the most of spending time with family or friends before you make the move.

Settling In

One you have made the move, it is time to start making a life in Leicester. We are a friendly bunch and making friends should not be hard, but there are things you can do to give your social life a boost.

Consider inviting your neighbours over for a drink or holding an open house. This will help you to introduce yourself to the people who one day might be available to feed your cat when you go on holiday or share the school runs occasionally.
Tap into the local knowledge of your colleagues at work. They can be a great source of knowledge when it comes to finding out exactly what is going on in the area and introducing you to the local social scene.
You could also think about joining local clubs or sports teams or even going to the gym. The more people you meet, the greater the chance you have of making your relocation to Leicester the positive experience it undoubtedly has the potential to be.

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