Keywest Estate Agents / Jul 11

Transform a Room for Less Than £50

Whether you’re thinking about ways to make a house your home as one of the Keywest team shows you around a potential new Leicester property or need ideas to help us sell your current home as quickly as possible and for the best possible price, you’ll be pleased to hear that giving a room an aesthetic boost or a bit of a personal touch doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In fact, the following five ideas will not cost any more than £50 and may even cost considerably less. These are transformations that will be easy on your budget as well as on your time whilst almost effortlessly enhancing the appeal of a property, either for yourself or in the eyes of potential buyers or tenants. None will depend on any expert skills, and all can be changed again easily if you fancy a change in a few months or years.

Kitchen Styling

Who needs ugly plastic packaging cluttering your kitchen work surfaces when you can use glass jars and transform your dry goods into decorative items in their own right?

The Right Light

You don’t have to spend a lot to let light make a real difference in any space. Unless you want to spend time and money on rewiring and re-planning your lighting systems, think about making use of some simple plug-in items. Make use of lamps to add interest, and consider changing light switches to really make an area feel ‘finished’ and cared for.

Get Painting

Whether you decide to tackle doors, walls or a new canvas, a splash of paint can make a real difference.

Get Outdoors

Don’t forget to make the most of your outside space and sell a lifestyle to potential Leicester buyers or tenants. Invest in a few statement pieces of garden furniture in bold colours or get to work on upcycling some old, unwanted items.

Bring the Outside In

Simply adding a few houseplants to a room can instantly inject colour, life and vibrancy to a space. You don’t need to create a jungle either: a well-placed palm, a hanging basket by the door or a few herb pots on the kitchen windowsill can really make a house or apartment feel like a home.

If this has inspired you to spruce up your home to sell or rent or you want to find a new home to make your own, get in touch with the Keywest team today.

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