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Leicester City Festival Is Just One Attraction in an Action-Packed City If you are considering a move to Leicester, you may be wondering if there will be enough to keep
Jul 29
Leicester Properties Knockout Potential Every day the team at Keywest extols the virtues of investing in Leicester property because we fully appreciate the city’s huge potential. We are not the
Jul 13
Leicester Rental Market Is ‘Strong and Stable’ If you’re thinking about purchasing a buy-to-let property in Leicester, then the results of a new market index could offer just the incentive
Jul 07
Perk Up Your Patio for Added Kerb Appeal You shouldn’t underestimate the power of kerb appeal, and it’s not too late to spruce up your patio in time to entice
Jun 29
Name Your Property to Sell It can seem like a great idea to give your home a quirky name, but beware: the wrong choice can put some buyers off when
Jun 20
Buying a Leasehold Flat in Leicester If you are considering buying a Leicester flat, it is likely that you will be investing in a leasehold home, but what does this
Jun 08
Top 20 Features to Help Sell Your Leicester Property If you’re thinking about investing in your Leicester home with a view to maximising its selling potential in the future (with
May 31
Maximise the Price Potential of Your Leicester Property Are you thinking about selling your Leicester flat or terraced or semi-detached home? If so, a major profit could be on the
May 26
Leicester Is a ‘Top Trumps’ Place to Live We can tell you all about the many benefits of living in Leicester, but you could always supplement your knowledge with a
May 17
Homes Fit for Sporting Stars Former Leicester City football manager Claudio Ranieri’s Stoneygate home has been attracting interest from around the globe since it was put on the market, but
May 11