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Ten Ways to Add Value to Your Property Our team are perfectly placed to find you the very best Leicester properties to meet your home search criteria, but it can
Jan 26
Leicester Forest East: A Haven for Commuters and Families With its excellent transport links and a host of local amenities, Leicester Forest East is a property hotspot for commuters and
Jan 11
East Midlands Tops the Property Price Poll The East Midlands has been named as the regional property price winner of last year as the region celebrated the quickest house price
Jan 11
A Clean Bill of Health for Environmentally Friendly Leicester Residents Leicester is not just a family-friendly place to live: it is an environmentally friendly one too. This is proved by
Jan 04
Your Leicester Home: The Planning Application Process We can help you find your ideal Leicester home and then give you the guidance on how you can turn someone else’s property
Dec 20
Leicester: A Magical Place to Live Christmas may tempt you to put your property search on hold or delay getting your current home on the market, but it can actually
Dec 14
Leicester: An Increasingly Appealing Property Hotspot Leicester has never been a more desirable place to live or own investment property in, and its appeal looks set to grow as work
Dec 08
Top Tips When Relocating to Leicester Relocating to Leicester need not be a stressful process. Not only are we on hand to help with your property search, but we have
Dec 01
Aim High When Buying a Leicester Property It can often to pay to think ahead when viewing Leicester properties, especially if you’re a developer looking to make money or a
Nov 22
Five Helpful Hints When Buying Leasehold Properties If you’re looking at buying a flat, it is essential that you understand the pros and cons of leasehold properties, but even houses
Nov 14